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Back to the City - Bc one - Jhb Cypher

In 2012, the most prestigious 1-on-1 B-Boy Championship returns to Brazil for the first time since 2006. This year however, the event will be held in the beautiful city of over 7 million inhabitants – Rio de Janeiro. Just like last year, with qualification events across the globe, celebrated and unknown B-Boys have the chance to break their way into the Red Bull BC One World Final.

This year, there will be over 60 Cyphers, local qualification events in countries as far and wide as Algeria, Italy, Bolivia and Taiwan. Winners of those Cyphers will get the chance to compete in one of six continental qualifiers in an attempt to reach the World Final, which will be held in December 2012.


At the World Final in Rio, 16 B-Boys will battle each other to determine who is “the one” with at least six of those contenders coming from one of six continental Qualifier battles held across the globe.

The Qualifiers will be hosted in Mexico, the USA, the Netherlands, Russia, Egypt and New Zealand. The winners of the Qualifiers will secure their spot in the final competition held in Brazil. But while the excitement will undoubtedly build at these major qualifiers, the real story begins in March, when we kick off a series of over 60 local Cyphers, held in more than 50 countries around the world.  Every corner of the world will be represented, from Medellin to Zagreb, from San Diego to Osaka. Red Bull BC One will turn every corner of the world to ensure that dancers from any neighbourhood can get their feet on the floor.

While the winners of the six qualifiers are guaranteed a spot, the other 10 contestant spots will be hand-picked by an international team of experts. Being chosen is not just about dance skills but also reputation, character and a good standing in the B-Boy scene.

Red Bull BC ONE joburg Cypher @ Back to the City

When: 27th April 2012.

Time: 10am till 11pm

Where: Cnr Bree & Henry Nxumalo, Newtown, Johannesburg

Zubz the Last letta

The Golden Mic Holder Zubz is making reappearance at Back to the city 2012. Zubz is a emcee in a league of his own. Sharp lyrics, mind blowing concepts, and a delivery  as precise as a surgeons handywork.  Come freedom day, you’ll understand when  he hits the stage.

New improved - SubT

Sub T is one emcee that has never compromised when it comes to content  If you know Substance then you must be familiar wit his rap tales of ghetto struggles, successes and  pitfalls. Substance is a hardcore lyricist. And come 27 April, he will prove it

Reason the Mass the A game to the table

Reason is undoubtedly one of the best emcees in the country, if not the continent. Homeboy always manages to bring his A-game to the table. He is no stranger to the Back to city festival. Year after year  he continues to hold it down. Peep his latest video and tell me I’m lying. 

Optical illusion - Reunion

With Optical illusion having broken up and getting back together, I’m sure most of the Heads at Back to the city 2012 are all waiting in anticipation to see the legendary Vaal crew on stage again. Check out this classic Optical ill vid.

Morale Veriatz - Metro Award winning

Morale aka Mr Joburg has been doing his thing for a while. Last year homeboy bagged a metro fm award for his song with Zola.  Tv, print media and Radio has been showing him mad love. He keeps dropping quality videos and singles(oh an d lets not forget his twitter beef with Nonhle) He will be doing his thing at Back to the city 2012. Peep this video and familiarize yourself with Morale.  

L-tido - 1st Time Ever Performing As Solo Artist at Back to the city 2012

If you don’t know L-Tido, then you must be living under a rock. Homeboy has been bringing heat to the game for a minute. High Quality videos, cross continental collaborations, and Hot singles. L-Tido will be doing his thing at Back to the city 2012. Check out this video featuring TEE-PEE

ILL - Skillz - New Breed of Hip Hop

There is no denying the fact that Ill skillz is one of the hardest working crews. Representing Cape town and S.A. internationally at many overseas festivals. Also boasting projects  with collaborations with the likes of John Robinson, Proverb  Zaki  Ibrahim and 5th floor. These two cats have been holding it down proper for a good minute. Check out this vid featuring Cape town legends 5th Floor. 

BlakLez Cap City Christ at Back to the City

5Minutes with Blaklez
Q1- Peace brother, congrats on all the moves you've been making. For those who don't know, please tell us who is Blaklez?
A1. Blaklez is a rap artist, a simple dude with extraordinary views. I'm from a city where people would rather be critical before giving praise. So yeah, the challenge of being an artist is extra hard around these parts.

Q2) From where I'm standing,Cap City is really holding it down, consistently. You and a couple of other guys are at the forefront, spearheading the movement. What can we expect from you and the collective further into the year.
2. I reckon the future looks brighter and brighter each day. God is good, especially when you keep your mouth shut work hard. Nothing falls from from the sky, apart from raindrops, snow and hail. The rest you will have to work for. I don't know what the future holds for Cap City, but I can guarantee that I will continue to work harder n smarter. I have a feeling you will be seeing more and more of me.

Q3) Back to the city. What should the people expect.
3. Whoever is at back to the city on Friday must prepare to get wowed. Didn't they tell you I'm a beast? Lol, on a serious note, expect loads of fun. It is Freedom Day after all. Let's live a little. 30 years ago, people of my skin colour wouldn't be allowed anywhere near the city in such large numbers or without a pass. What better way to celebrate than through sing and dance.

Q4) Who are you looking most forward to seeing on stage at the festival.
4. Nobody specific. There'll be a plethora of talent on that stage so I'm sure we'll all be entertained.

Q5) last question. What does freedom day mean to Blaklez.
5. These days black people can become whatever they want to be, unlike in the past. I wouldn't really put that with April 27 alone. Some of our elders lost their lives trying to bring an end to oppression. In other words, they dedicated their lives to help free a future generation (not just one day). That is the bravest and most selfless thing one can ever do. We need to thank God that he gave some the courage to fight. We're still not fully free, a lot of black people are still poor and live in squalor but at least there's a chance to rectify this. The government needs to do better than the apartheid regime. Through its actions, the apartheid regime told us that we were not worthy of it's love. This new government needs do the opposite. 

Whose is the Main Surprise Act This Year?

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Robo New Video

Gini Grindith [Video]

Gini Grindith aka Gin Grimes is one of the torch bearers of the underground hip hop and grafitti scenes in the country. If you've seen him on stage, then you know what to expect. If you haven't, check this video

New Breed From the Underground - ARTICULATE Artists


Q1)Peace brother. Please introduce yourself and your crew to the peoples.
A). Daniel Livingstone aka SafarI, my crew Articulate Artists consist of  myself ,the only man doper than POT "Power Of Thought" and the man on the ones and twos Sizzor Hands.

Q2) You guys have been mad active, performing all over the place, opening for cats like Mac lethal and Copywrite. Now back to the city. What can we expect?
A) Hip hop that will educate, enlighten, entertain and evoke a whole range of emotions.

Q3) Any acts you're looking forward to seeing at the festival?
A3) One of the crews I'm really looking forward to is Social commentary forum, they always kill shit!

Q4) Any projects from the crew?
A) We dropped Power Of Thoughts mixtape today, Dope Joints For POT Heads Vol. 1. (4/20)

Q5) Lastly, what does freedom day mean to you?
A5) I really wish I could be enthusiastic about freedom day but the sad reality is we are losing more "freedom" everyday, just look at the protection of information act, so for me freedom day is a great chance to voice our anger!!!

Hishaam - Interview

Post Title-5 minutes with Hishaam.

Q Peace brother. Please let the people know who Is Hishaam.
A)  Hishaam is a bionic android sent from the future to planet Earth and steer its course from imminent destruction          

Q You recently moved from the Eastern Cape to Jhb. How do you find the JHB hip hop scene?
A) I haven’t experienced too much but what I’ve seen so far is pretty dope. It’s similar to PE (where my transporter pod crashed 26yrs ago). I’m still trying to see it at its apex though.        

 Q Back to the city.  Yourself  and  JBux will be Holding it down for The Eastern Cape. What should we expect?
A) Well from me, you can expect some bad ass, desert waste land, mad max music. I always try my level best to put on an excellent performance

Q Any acts in particular that you’re excited to see on the day?
A)  Robo The Technician, he’s one of my favourite mceez

Q Any projects we should be looking out for?
A) My EP will be coming out soon, its called THERE WERE THOSE WHO DIDNT RUN. Produced by Alias from Grahamstown.

Q) Last question, what does freedom day mean to you?
 A) Freedom Day is very bitter/sweet for me because, although we have been afforded political freedoms, there is a large contingent of our people (the people who were supposed to be freed) who are poor, unemployed and subject to live under really shitty conditions. The irony of public servants that are exempt from public service charges isn’t the least bit amusing to my financial status. So to be honest I find it very hard to celebrate when there are parents who lose their kids because their shack burnt to the ground due to primitive lanterns. I’m just saying lets rather raise awareness than celebrate the victories of the privileged

Hymphatic Thabs Returns to Back to the City

The Hymphatic Thabs ( Video )

Jsec  legend The Hymphatic Thabs makes a return to the back to the city stage. Those who remember his performance at the festival a few years back can testify and confirm his legendary status.Thabs is a very interesting emcee with a style totally unique to him only.  You don't believe me? Check this video.

The Federation Consist of Mr C & Neon

Soweto super duo The federation, will be holding it down for all the Boom Bap heads at the 2012 Back to the city festival. Check out their video for Cold of the night featuring Dark Spark of SCF.

SCF & Shynin Amour

 Post title ---5 minutes with  Shynin Armour  of SCF

Q_Peace brother.  Break it down for the people, who  or what exactly is SCF(Social Commentary Forum)
A ) The Social Commentary Forum (SCF) is a collective of well respected independent individuals who all have different views of life, all from different aspects of the Southern Region of Africa.We are not a group nor a crew but rather a collective of skilled and talented individuals in a movement to building and achieve greatness in all aspects of music and business.

Q  You guys have been hosting   monthly shows at O.S.T. How is that going
A )Yes maninja, The SoCo Show is a Hip Hop show that sets out to preserve the essence of real hip hop in all platforms, but in all honestly its not the easiest task to take on but its the most exciting and challenging thing we have ever agreed on doing .We are loving it just as much as the masses that follow it are digging it .The show keeps growing ,every last Saturday of every month and its going down the day after BTTC! So since the show must keep on and maintain the fire its started, we wont stop coz we just

Q  What else  the group  working on
A ) We are working on a lot of things that I just cant openly reveal, but Musically look out for the debut album from the collective dropping this year, we have videos and DVD'S coming and solo projects which are all underway . We getting  prepared for a blazing year ahead! I don’t want to say a lot but state the obvious .But on the real we have loads of surprise we are working on that do not really focus on the musical aspect alone.... Stay connected and u will witness the fitness we bringing this year and beyond.

Q : SCF will be performing at what is shaping up to be the biggest Back to the city festival to date. What can the people expect?
A ) What can u expect? lol A world class, mind blowing performance. It’s our first time getting on that stage as a collective and so it must be the most memorable performance that the BTTC masses will never forget... We in the gym training hard to manifest our set into a world class performance which is challenging but worth it once the mission is completed on that day. Mark my words, U DONT WANNA MISS IT!

Q  Who do you most look forward to seeing on the Back to the city stage?
A) SIYA SHEZI, THE FEDERATION, 3RD WAVE, ADIS ABBABA and i was bumping the back to the city mixtape and there is one crew or solo kat(s) that get on after neo beats's joint. I don't know who they are but i got a feeling those ninjaz are gonna be bringing the heat too on that day!

Q What does freedom day mean to you?
A ) Its a day to get Im kidding yal, This day to me means that Im lucky as the youth of today to be living in such a "free country" thanks to what my folks, struggle vet's and leaders who were in the struggle for me and others to live a better life. It means that i should step it up and take the lead in things i want to achieve and help others do the same so that the cycle keeps on! 

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Neo Beats - Loose Control

Zakwe- Bathingiyachoma

Know More About - HHP

Pantsula attended high school at St. Alban's College in Pretoria. Raised in Mmabatho, Pantsula's break came in 1997 when he and his school friends met with producer Chicco Twala who produced their debut, "Party". However, the band split soon after the release of "Party". Pantsula had his next album, Introduction, produced by singer and producer Isaac Mthethwa The album was recorded in different South African ethnic tongues such as Setswana,isiZulu and Sesotho.

Pantsula appeared on the third one-off TV special of quiz show Test The Nation, titled "National Parenting Test", as the Team Captain. In 2007, he won the third season of the reality dance show Strictly Come Dancing along with his professional dance partner Hayley Bennet. His hits include the single from his O Mang Reloaded album, "Tswaka", "Jabba" and "Tshwara" (the latter both from YBA 2 NW).

Pantsula frequently uses the phrase "Maf-town" in his music, which refers to his hometown, Mafikeng, of South Africa's North West province. He was honoured in September 2007 in the inaugural Mafikeng Golden Stars Awards held at the Mmabana Convention Centre.

Pantsula released Acceptance Speech in December 2007 with its first single, Music & Lights, whose music video features Danny K and US R&B Star Amerie. In December 2009 Pantsula released his seventh studio album Dumela("Belief"), the title of which is also a Setswanan greeting. The album is a double disc: the first disc is Hip Hop and includes the tracks Let The Beat Go, Make Monyeke, and Daraja and his collaboration with US Hip Hop artist Nas,Keledimo; the second disc has two of the singles already released, Bongwana and Magenge Le Majimbo, as well as WamTseba Mtho and a jazz collaboration with Jimmy Dludlu & Revolution

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