Saturday, April 21, 2012

SCF & Shynin Amour

 Post title ---5 minutes with  Shynin Armour  of SCF

Q_Peace brother.  Break it down for the people, who  or what exactly is SCF(Social Commentary Forum)
A ) The Social Commentary Forum (SCF) is a collective of well respected independent individuals who all have different views of life, all from different aspects of the Southern Region of Africa.We are not a group nor a crew but rather a collective of skilled and talented individuals in a movement to building and achieve greatness in all aspects of music and business.

Q  You guys have been hosting   monthly shows at O.S.T. How is that going
A )Yes maninja, The SoCo Show is a Hip Hop show that sets out to preserve the essence of real hip hop in all platforms, but in all honestly its not the easiest task to take on but its the most exciting and challenging thing we have ever agreed on doing .We are loving it just as much as the masses that follow it are digging it .The show keeps growing ,every last Saturday of every month and its going down the day after BTTC! So since the show must keep on and maintain the fire its started, we wont stop coz we just

Q  What else  the group  working on
A ) We are working on a lot of things that I just cant openly reveal, but Musically look out for the debut album from the collective dropping this year, we have videos and DVD'S coming and solo projects which are all underway . We getting  prepared for a blazing year ahead! I don’t want to say a lot but state the obvious .But on the real we have loads of surprise we are working on that do not really focus on the musical aspect alone.... Stay connected and u will witness the fitness we bringing this year and beyond.

Q : SCF will be performing at what is shaping up to be the biggest Back to the city festival to date. What can the people expect?
A ) What can u expect? lol A world class, mind blowing performance. It’s our first time getting on that stage as a collective and so it must be the most memorable performance that the BTTC masses will never forget... We in the gym training hard to manifest our set into a world class performance which is challenging but worth it once the mission is completed on that day. Mark my words, U DONT WANNA MISS IT!

Q  Who do you most look forward to seeing on the Back to the city stage?
A) SIYA SHEZI, THE FEDERATION, 3RD WAVE, ADIS ABBABA and i was bumping the back to the city mixtape and there is one crew or solo kat(s) that get on after neo beats's joint. I don't know who they are but i got a feeling those ninjaz are gonna be bringing the heat too on that day!

Q What does freedom day mean to you?
A ) Its a day to get Im kidding yal, This day to me means that Im lucky as the youth of today to be living in such a "free country" thanks to what my folks, struggle vet's and leaders who were in the struggle for me and others to live a better life. It means that i should step it up and take the lead in things i want to achieve and help others do the same so that the cycle keeps on! 

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